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As someone learning a second language, you'll be able to communicate with native speakers through video calls to improve your listening, speaking, and conversational skills. Get started today and book free or paid appointments with tutors that interest you.

By chatting with native speakers in Pacific Linguists Club, you can practice your speaking skills, ask questions, and hear the proper pronunciation of American English, Japanese, French, Arabic, and many more languages from everyday non-teachers like you and me.


Create an account.

Create an account and set your WhatsApp or Line phone number. This is what you will use to communicate with tutors. Your phone number will remain private, and shared only with the tutors you book appointments with.


Book an appointment.

Book a 15-minute video call appointment with a tutor that fits around your schedule. Tutors can provide free and paid appointments. A paid appointment can be purchased for $5 using a PayPal account or credit/debit card. A free appointment is entirely free to book.

Explore available appointments here.


Say hello.

When you book an appointment, you and your tutor will be provided with each other's phone number. After booking, send them a text message to say hello and let them know to expect a call from you at the time of your appointment.


Call your tutor.

At the time of your appointment, give your tutor a call.